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  • Franciscan Youth and Young Adults

    June 2020: Niall (12 yrs) is taking a swim at Sylvan Lake (AB) after gardening at Franciscan Youth Garden

    Secular Franciscan Prayer for Youth
    Dearest Lord,
    Jesus tells us whoever welcomes little children,
    Welcomes me and we know that no one is ever far
    from your loving care.
    In your kindness watch over our youth.
    Grant them the grace to hear the whispering
    Of the Holy Spirit guiding them
    In thought, word and action.
    May they be called to follow you in the
    Footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare.
    Help them to see that whatever their path leads them,
    They can trust in your love and mercy.

    Throughout the world, young  Catholic men and women , single or married between the ages of 18 and 30 are able to embrace the spiritual vision of St. Francis of Assisi by forming Franciscan Youth Communities.   Through initial and ongoing formation, the members of these communities deepen their love for God and for others by going from gospel to life and life to gospel.

    Download Franciscan Spirituality Power Point
    Develop a deeper faith life?
    Be a person of peace?
    Make the world a better place?
    Meet in community with your Brothers and sisters?
    Care for our fragile environment?
    If you are between 16 & 30 years of age
    There is a group called “YOUFRA”
    You may be interested in It is an international
    Secular Franciscan organization
    Organized by young people for young people
    Who want to make a difference in the world
    This group is new to Canada but well-known world-wide
    Think about it!Like more info?
    Email Catherine McNiff,
    Director of Youth, Our Lady of the Angels Regional Fraternity
    • Kids Corner


      Because of Covid–19 we can’t sing in public but no one says we can’t sing in the shower or the bathtub, right?

      Ok, so let’s go ... lather yourself up really well and sing out loud for the family and the neighbours.

      They’ll love it and maybe even join in, eh? The words are on the next line:

      You can even sing along with them like I do, if that’s what you want to do, it’s really up to you!

      Just press the link:  Let there be Peace on Earth

      Wow, Does that ever sound good?

      Praying and singing at the same time!

      ‘Till we meet again,

      May God Bless You, Nana Catherine

      • Canticle of Creatures

        • Did You Know?

          That Pope Francis has declared that September 1 to October 4 every year will be called The Season of Creation as a special time to honour our Creator and our fragile world.

          October 4 is also the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. He was born in Assisi, Italy in the year 1181, the son of a wealthy from Assisi. He found Him in the gospel, the leper, the poor and the suffering. Francis made up his mind to identify himself with his crucified Lord.

          Others wanted to live as Francis lived. They were men and women, single and
          married, young and old. These followers became the Franciscan Family we know today as Friars, Brothers, Sisters, Secular Franciscans, Youfra and Franciscan Youth.